The Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (FTW)

1st Joint Conference on Facial Analysis, Animation and Auditory-Visual Speech Processing, 11.-13.9.2015 in Vienna

28. Dec 2014

Michael Pucher (FTW) is co-organizer of this new event that brings together two established interdisciplinary conferences: the International Symposium on Facial Analysis and Animation (FAA) and the International Conference on Auditory-Visual Speech Processing (AVSP).

Both conferences have a common focus on facial communication research. While FAA focuses on facial animation analysis and synthesis addressed in the fields of computer graphics, computer vision and psychology, AVSP focuses on how auditory and visual speech information plays a role in human perception, machine recognition, and human-machine interaction.

The aim of this first joint conference is to bring together the two communities of facial animation (FAA) and audiovisual speech (AVSP) to discuss research and exchange ideas, data as well as experiences. The conference will be held in Vienna, Austria from the the 13. September 2015.

For more information on this unique event and the submission of papers please follow this link to the conference homepage.

The FTW is looking for test users for a smartphone-study

4. Dec 2014

The Research Center Telecommunication Vienna is a nationally leading and internationally renown center for research and development of communication sysetems of the future. We are regularly looking for volonteers participating in user tests for various research projects in the field of human-machine-interactions. Currently we are searching for test users for our CMM#2 study in which we investigate the stability of data networks (3G and LTE) in Austria.

Further information (in German only)

Invited Talk: Recent Advances in Video Quality Research and Standardization

28. Nov 2014

Researchers participating in the FTW project "ACE 3" have invited Margaret Pinson from NTIA/ITS (US) to share her expert insights and opinions on current developments in the field of video quality research and standardization.

The event takes place on Dec 3rd 2014, 15:00, at FTW (Tech Gate Vienna, 2nd Floor).

Talk abstract: quality measurement falls into four categories: quality of service (QoS) metrics, subjective video quality testing, objective video quality metrics, and quality of experience (QoE). The first three are established lines of research with proven techniques and international standards. Video quality research is migrating towards measuring Quality of Experience and User Experience (UX), in response to industry needs. The challenge is that QoE and UX subjective tests examine confounding factors and complex that are well beyond what can be addressed within a traditional video quality subjective tests. This talk will provide an overview of each field, with the goal of inspiring questions into the topics of interest to the audience.

Short speaker bio:  Margaret Pinson has been investigating improved methods for assessing video quality at the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences, an office of the National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA/ITS) in Boulder, Colorado, USA since 1988. Mrs. Pinson is a Co-Chair of the Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) and an Associate Rapporteur of Questions 2 and 12 in ITU-T Study Group 9. She encourages video quality research and development by administering the Consumer Digital Video Library.

Workshop on the Quality of Experience-based Management for Future Internet Applications and Services

17. Nov 2014

Raimund Schatz (FTW) is co-organizer of the QoE-FI 2015 workshop, which is co-located with the IEEE International Conference on Communications (IEEE ICC) in London, and will take place June 8th or 12th, 2015. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from academia and industry to discuss novel approaches towards the optimization and the management of the Quality of Experience (QoE) of applications and services in future internet and smart city settings.

Paper submission Deadline: January 10th, 2015

Workshop on Dependable Vehicular Communications at ICC 2015, London

10. Oct 2014

Thomas Zemen (FTW) is main organizer of this workshop, which will be co-located with the IEEE ICC 2015, the IEEE International Conference on Communications, in London. It will be a one-day event, scheduled for June 8 or June 12, 2015. The goal of the workshop is to foster the development of dependable vehicular communication systems. It will bring together academic and industrial researchers to identify and discuss technical challenges and recent results related to dependable vehicular communications.

Paper submission Deadline: 10th January 2015

Attention - New Date! Newcom# Emerging Topic Workshop 2014, 27.-28. Oktober 2014

22. Aug 2014

This year’s Newcom# Emerging Topic Workshop organized by the Vienna University of Technology features the Title “D2D and mmW – New Paradigms for 5G”. This workshop will bring together researchers from academia and industry to exchange and discuss recent results related to D2D and mmW communications and to identify challenges that need to be addressed for a successful adoption of D2D and mmW in 5G systems.

Attention: The date for the workshop was moved from the 29.-30. September to the 27.-28. October!

More information about the Newcom# Emerging Topic Workshop

Mingming Gan, Zhinan Xu, Veronika Shivaldova, Alexander Paier, Fredrik Tufvesson, Thomas Zemen won „Best Poster Award“ of BMW Summer School

22. Aug 2014

The FTW researchers Mingming Gan, Zhinan Xu and Thomas Zemen were awarded with the "Best Poster Award" of the BMW Summer School for their poster „A Ray Tracing Algorithm for Intelligent Transport Systems in Tunnels“.

"The Summer School format comprises keynote presentations from executive-level speakers, ideation workshops, technical expert presentations from industry and academia, moderated panel discussions and PhD poster presentations. During moderated PhD challenge group discussions and idea creation workshops, innovative visions and applications, conceptual, sociological and business changes shall be discussed that are to be expected with the rise of fully-connected vehicles in the Internet of Things. The Summer School is complemented by social events in the beautiful area of Lake Tegernsee and a trip to downtown Munich with a visit of BMW Welt & BMW Museum. Awards for the best PhD posters and outstanding proposals from idea creation workshops or challenge group discussions will be presented during the closing ceremony."

Christian Vogel, Shuli Chi, Katharina Hausmair and Peter Singerl won the "Darlington Best Paper Award"!

25. Apr 2014

For their paper "Aliasing-Free Digital Pulse-Width Modulation for Burst-Mode RF Transmitters"  Christian Vogel, Shuli Chi, Katharina Hausmair und Peter Singerl are awarded with the "2014 IEEE Circuits and Systems Darlington Best Paper Award".

"The Darlington Best Paper Award recognizes the best paper bridging the gap between theory and practice published in the “Transactions on Circuits and Systems” publication. The award is based on general quality, originality, contributions, subject matter and timeliness. Anyone who is an author of a paper bridging the gap between theory and practice published in the “Transactions on Circuits and Systems” during the three calendar years preceding the award is eligible for nomination."

Girl's Day 2014

24. Apr 2014

On April 24 the 13th Viennese Töchtertag took place. FTW also participated in the event organized by the City of Vienna and invited six girls to give them the possibility to get a close insight into a resaercher's life.

Michael Pucher is keynote-speaker at the international Dagstuhl Workshop "Multilinguality in Speech Research: Data, Methods and Models"

7. Apr 2014

Senior Researcher Michael Pucher is Keynote-Speaker at the international Dagstuhl Workshop "Multilinguality in Speech Research: Data, Methods and Models", 9.-11. April 2014, Dagstuhl, Germany.

"This three-day workshop offers an exchange forum for researchers working on topics like "variability in speech technology", "measuring and modelling articulation", "speech data and statistical methods", "the individual voice in forensic and medical applications" and "variability in non-native speech". A mix of invited top-level speeches, presentations of current research projects and tutorial-like lectures will provide an optimal opportunity for an intense training and research meeting on variability in speech production."